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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Treasure: Whitehead & Hoag Co. Cover

Another beauty from my grandma's eclectic collection.

The Whitehead & Hoag Co.
Makers of Ribbon, Metal, Celluloid & Enamel Ivory Badges.
Main Office & Factory.
28.30.32&34 Warren St.
161&163 Washington St.
Newark, New Jersey.
E.L. Tibble Esq.
Harrisburg Pa.
City Treasurers Office
If you wish to keep your badge in good order,
keep it on the card board and
in this envelope.
[Postage cancelled in Philadelphia, date illegible.]

Tension Envelope, Patented March 13th, 1883.
Office and Manufactory, 28 Reade Street, New York.

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