playing with paper

Friday, June 29, 2012

Found: Bamboo

On Wednesday, my 12-year-old found and brought home quite a bit of fallen bamboo from the park down the road. This girl has been collecting sticks since she learned to walk at nine months. She busied herself in the back yard for the rest of the afternoon, dropping by my desk occasionally to request supplies: paints and brushes, super glue, sandpaper. (She had already borrowed my craft saw.)

At dinnertime, she presented me with "The Mail Snail," complete with clear gloss slime trail! She chose dark green for the body since that's my favorite color. There are slots cut in the back to hold cards. She explained that if I arrange the mail small to large and back to small again, she thought it would resemble a shell. She is amazing when she sets her mind to something! Thank you, my dear!