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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrift: Myrtle Tremblay Notecards

 Today was our first visit to Lancaster Creative Reuse since their expansion to two rooms. The big girls had fun and kept themselves busy creating for almost an hour. I enjoyed a bit of shopping while keeping my eye on the littlest who prefers the play kitchen over the craft table.

Creative Reuse was recently the recipient of a large lot of notecards from the estate of Lancaster County artist Myrtle Tremblay.  For five cents a card, mix and match, how could I go wrong? Four different pen-and-ink drawings and four different paintings provide a lovely selection and varied views of Lancaster. No envelopes included, but that shouldn't be a problem around here!

Thinking ahead to teacher thank-you gifts, I may go back for more of these schoolhouse cards.

I am particularly drawn to Amish Skyview as it reminds me of a Demuth. These might be the perfect winter holiday cards for this year.

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