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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Treasure: Mysterious Marguerite

This is one of the first items I pulled out of the stamp box from my grandma: a postcard mailed from Trevorton, dated 16 January 1963, addressed to my grandma, and signed Marguerite.

Dear Dot, Just got the flag stamp in this morning. So I have taken care of your needs. Glad you wrote as Eileen had given me 4.00 so I assumed that was what you wanted. Thanks. Marguerite 

Very curious, since all the other postcards in the box were from her brothers and sisters, and I knew of no maternal relatives or family friends with my name.  (I was named after my paternal grandmother.)

I finally had the chance this past weekend to show the card to my mom, hoping she could shed some light on the mysterious Marguerite who sent this card. My mom knows my grandma purchased many of her stamps through her hometown post office, so this Marguerite was probably a postal employee. I am always intrigued to find something with my name it, as it happens so rarely!

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