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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vintage Linen Card Collages

So instead of creating anything new last week, I finally cleaned up my workspace. I would almost call it Spring Cleaning, but I didn't go crazy and scrub the floor or anything. Although I am pleased to say I can now see my floor! So for the moment, supplies are put away, projects are organized, and I am trying to finish some of the things I started who-knows-when.

Here are a few postcards I sent last month but that never made it to the blog. I love Anne Taintor, and these are my mail art tribute. I created them with vintage linen postcards, lovely ladies trimmed from a 1952 pattern book and captions typed on my Smith-Corona Corsair Deluxe, a Christmas gift from my husband. He's so kind to put up with my paper habit, sometimes he even encourages it! I'm afraid I lost a few images of others in this vintage card series as we switched to a new computer. (I didn't realize it was a temporary folder--oops.)

Sent to Douglas Galloway of IUOMA 16 April 2011

Sent to Brent of IUOMA 16 April 2011

Sent to Emma of Postcrossing 28 April 2011


  1. that first one made me spit out my coffee! i love anne taintor too--oh to pick a favorite...but that first one is right up there with the best of the originals :)

  2. So glad you enjoyed my cards! (Though sorry to waste coffee.) Thanks for visiting!