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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vintage Linen Card Collages

So instead of creating anything new last week, I finally cleaned up my workspace. I would almost call it Spring Cleaning, but I didn't go crazy and scrub the floor or anything. Although I am pleased to say I can now see my floor! So for the moment, supplies are put away, projects are organized, and I am trying to finish some of the things I started who-knows-when.

Here are a few postcards I sent last month but that never made it to the blog. I love Anne Taintor, and these are my mail art tribute. I created them with vintage linen postcards, lovely ladies trimmed from a 1952 pattern book and captions typed on my Smith-Corona Corsair Deluxe, a Christmas gift from my husband. He's so kind to put up with my paper habit, sometimes he even encourages it! I'm afraid I lost a few images of others in this vintage card series as we switched to a new computer. (I didn't realize it was a temporary folder--oops.)

Sent to Douglas Galloway of IUOMA 16 April 2011

Sent to Brent of IUOMA 16 April 2011

Sent to Emma of Postcrossing 28 April 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ghee Happy Mail

A sweet "Ghee Happy" letter received 11 May 2011
from Becky "The Snail Mailer"
in reply to my Happy Spring card.
Another lover of Real Mail in Pennsylvania,
she is Leaving a Paper Trail.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Amazing Mail Art Via Postcrossing

An amazing creation from a Postcrosser in Holland
received 9 May 2011.
I could not imagine what I was receiving from Holland packaged in a bubble mailer and box. The suspense was wonderful, and the mail art and note make me smile every time I look at it!

A sweet thank you card from a Postcrosser in Poland
received 9 May 2011.
A beautiful collage of everyday items, I love that they become extraordinary when careful arranged and mailed around the world with a thoughtful note.

There is beauty all around us.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

"Queen Blanca" by Albert Edelfelt, 1877
A lovely thank you card from a thoughtful Finnish Postcrosser

Friday, May 6, 2011

Post To/From PostMuse

This is a "clean the scraps off my desk" postcard collage.
When I finished it, I decided it was meant for PostMuse.
I mailed it out 4 May 2011.

When I opened my mailbox that very same day, I had a lovely Mail Art 365 tea-themed card from none other than PostMuse!
I love when that happens!

I put the finishing touches on a tea-themed recycled Post House card and sent it in thanks the very next day.

Ah, the joys of mail art!

Postage Patchwork Card Set

Postage Patchwork 1/2
Contrary Wife quilt square created from vintage stamps with machine stitching mounted on vintage linen postcard of Lancaster County Courthouse with Dymo name label and mailed naked

Postage Patchwork 2/2
Churn Dash quilt square created from vintage stamps with machine stitching mounted on vintage linen postcard of Lancaster Public Library with Dymo name label and mailed naked

My final submissions for the Textile Mail Art Project. The first is my favorite of the two. I am a big fan of puns, wordplay, and irony. I was unable to find a quilt square with a name that played as well on the library postcard. I love creating something new from something old.

I shipped these cards out today with a stack of postcards to college friends and Mother's Day cards to family. Unfortunately, only catalogs incoming today.

From Russia with Love

A beautiful handmade card from a young Postcrosser in Russia.
I received her name and sent a handmade card, and she replied.