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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sadly Neglected...

Oh, this poor blog. So lonely. Wishing for a new post to call its own. Finally, a bit of type to fill some of its empty space.

On the bright side, no new blog posts mean I've been busy with other things! Some arts and crafts, some just life, the days and weeks filling up with kids and cooking and cleaning. I have joined IUOMA, the International Union of Mail-Artists, and I feel quite snazzy. (That's one of the reasons I'm here typing away, so embarrassed at my lack of recent posts.) Most of the Real Mail I have sent out lately was birthday or anniversary cards, all handmade of course. I finally wrote a long-overdue thank you to Su at TangleCrafts for her fabulous mail goodies available on Etsy. I still have a few notes on my pile to answer.

I am keeping up well with Postcrossing cards and decided to use the postcards I create and mail off as images on my first attempt at artistamps. I feel that Postcrossers' listed interests/requests are like sketchbook assignments back in high school. I try to take what information they provide on their profile and run with it to create a postcard as unique as they are. Sometimes it is harder than others, but I like the challenge.

I also requested some postcards from the Orphaned Postcard Project, and they arrived in my mailbox this week. I will spend some time mulling them over before writing, embellishing, and returning them.

OK, time's up! Back to work! Hopefully I will be back to share more before November disappears. I wish you a happy mail day!