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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Wild Stamp Chase

Stamp description sheet with postage stamp and first day cancel

My unofficial Lancaster County postage stamp first day of issue activities officially began yesterday morning at 7:45am, when I received a call from my friend at the Rohrerstown Post Office confirming that the stamps were only available at the Harrisburg Pike Main Office. I arranged to meet the photographer from Lancaster Newspapers there at 9am to purchase my first sheet of stamps and request some first day of issue hand cancels on postcards to send and stamp display sheets I created to give and keep. I stopped off at the craft store for a frame before heading over to the Rohrerstown Post Office to present them with a framed sheet as a thank you for all their help and encouragement. I left a few of the goodie bags I made for them to give to anyone asking to purchase the new stamp.

Quilted Postcard from Naomi (nhigh) Mailart365 #10/366 Quarter Wheel

I arrived home to find this beautiful card in my mailbox! I tucked it in my Letter Writers Alliance bag to use as an example during the rest of the day's activities. After a few phone calls and some lunch, the little one and I were off again to pick up my dad and head over to the Lancaster County Visitors Center to investigate the mysterious Facebook post I discovered late Thursday afternoon ( The women at the desk were very helpful, but knew nothing of a ceremony and were unaware of the stamp's release. One of the women was a retired Postmaster from Gordonville, PA, and she made a few inquiries by phone to her contacts but was unable to get any more information. I shared what I knew and gave them a framed copy of the display sheet to share with visitors. Another stop at the craft store for more frames; this time I just bought all the black ones they had!

Home again for naptime and a few moments of quiet, so I could write up my remarks for the lecture. I knew I needed to have something in front of me so I could share my thoughts coherently. The big girls had an early dismissal and my dear husband came home from work early so I could arrive at the lecture before 4pm for the social gathering. The women from were very accomodating and many of the attendees were interested in seeing the stamp. My parents stopped by to congratulate me and snap a few photos.

My "Write Letters, Write History" display table at the lecture.

Me (sporting my LWA Penpal Award) and my display

The lecture itself was very interesting; I feel like I haven't attended anything like that since college! I gave my little speech at the end, and it actually fit surprisingly well with the topic, as the lecture ended with a discussion of the speed of communication. (You can read my remarks in my previous post.) The framed stamp sheet went back to the office for display to promote the stamp and their February First Friday "Love Letters" event, where I will again have the opportunity to share my postal passion.

One final stop at the Harrisburg Pike Post Office to request a few more first day of issue cancels; I gave away more of those display sheets than I originally planned, but I am grateful I had the chance to share it. I arrived home around 7pm tired but happy with the events of the day.

Next week, I will follow up with the Lancaster Public Library about hosting a letter-writing social and make sure Lancaster Creative Reuse has enough mail art zines and labels to last them through February First Friday. I anticipate a story in tomorrow's Lancaster Sunday News. On my to-do list this weekend? Relax, play in the snow, and get some more mail ready to send!


  1. Good Job! You inspired me to extend a hand to the library and now the Moravian Bookstore (our historic downtown location.

    1. Hooray! I can't wait to hear about your plans!

  2. Hi Marguerite,
    I forgot to write the ID on "Quarter Wheel". I sent you a message. It was actually a card I sent to you as an official. That is how I got your address.

    1. Card registered--sorry for the confusion!