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Thursday, January 19, 2012

UPDATE: Official Unofficial...

It's been an interesting day here. I began the morning with vague plans for tomorrow, by early afternoon they were set, and after dinner, they were in shreds.

First, I found this interesting tidbit on Facebook during this afternoon's Google search:

Lancaster County First Day of Issue Ceremony
Public Event By USPS Community Connection
When Friday
Time 12:00pm until 3:00pm
Description Join us as we debut Lancaster County, the 2012 international rate stamp and Scenic American Landscape honoree!
501 Greenfield Road, Lancaster, PA 17602

Good grief! When was this decided? And who is this USPS Community Connection? Assuming my little one is up for an adventure, I guess we'll go see what this is all about!

An email after dinner alerted me that due to a delivery delay, the new Lancaster County stamps have not yet arrived at my local post office on Rohrerstown Road. (See, they definitely should not shut down Lancaster's processing facility.) The only location to receive them as of the end of business hours today is the Harrisburg Pike office. I will not be hurting myself to get there at 7:30AM when they commence retail sales. (I am not a morning person.) I hope to make my way there by nine, after I get in touch with the photographer from Lancaster Newspapers who expected to meet me at Rohrerstown at eight. (Are you following me here, because I'm not sure I am!) If and when the stamps arrive at Rohrerstown, I still plan to take my postal party there (see previous post.)

I need to go sort out my day and address a few more postcards.
Good night and good luck.

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  1. Hope today went well! You inspired me to offer my services to the library. I will be emailing them with more info on mail art and creative letter writing.