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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In Writing: Bunny Mail

I have enjoyed stories by Rosemary Wells since before I could read them myself. Growing up, it became a tradition to listen to Timothy Goes to School the night before the first day for school. 

We already have Morris's Disappearing Bag and Bunny Cakes in our home library, so I was thrilled to discover Bunny Mail (2004) to share with my little one.

"Max really wants a bright red motorcycle just like the one Wilma Warthog has. So he decides to write a letter asking for one. Unfortunately, the postman can't make heads or tails of it. Can Grandma decipher Max's letters and help make his wish come true? 
With flaps to open and letters to read, this heartwarming story will strike a chord with every young child who's ever struggled to get his message across."

This one happens to be a Christmas in July sort of story, but more importantly in my house, Max and Ruby are exchanging letters with their Grandma. My girls are playing mail tag with my mom this summer. My mom loves bunnies and Real Mail. In fact, she's the one who started sending me Real Mail when I was away at college and the name stuck. Thanks, Mom.


  1. I came across this same book at a thrift store for 25 cents. Since it had to do with mail, I brought it home figuring I could always use it for mailart. When the grandkids came for an overnighter, I pulled it out and shared it with them and it was a BIG hit!! I won't be ripping this one up for's on the book shelf with other favorites with the grandkids. :>