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Monday, July 16, 2012

Art Mail Archive: An Introduction

As I was sorting my mail art and letters recently, trying to work out a more organized and expandable storage system, I was also reviewing in my head the basic Rules of Mail Art (as described in Good Mail Day.)

1. Every piece receives some sort of acknowledgement. check
2. No money exchanged. check
3. No returns. check
4. Give as good as you get. check
5. Documentation to all. hmmm...

Or the short and sweet version seen on most mail art calls: 
"No rejections, no returns, documentation to all."

 21 November 2010 from Jennie Hinchcliff

Yes, let's face it, I do a horrible job of posting the mail art I receive here on my blog. I want to, I really do. Time (or lack thereof) is my main excuse. I receive beautiful, unusual, and fascinating items in my mailbox, and since I have a blog, I feel I should utilize it to recognize the senders and share their creations.

So, while I figure out how I can best to do that on a regular basis, I'm going to post my Art Mail Archive over the next few weeks. In no particular order, it will showcase correspondences both past and present, once-and-done and ongoing. I want to thank everyone for their patience, contributions, and continued inspiration. 

I hope you will enjoy this little mail art retrospective, as I have enjoyed revisiting the wonderful art I have received and remembering the people I've met through the mail as part of this Eternal Network.

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