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Friday, March 25, 2011

Postcrossing Mail Art Received

Recycled vintage book cover illustrated by Dick Bruna from the Netherlands 22 March 2011

Elegant hand-drawn swirl over collaged text from Finland 28 February 2011

Lovely little watercolor scooter from California USA 1 March 2011

Fun stamp collage and drawing from Maine, USA 6 March 2011

Sweet hand-drawn card from Poland 14 March 2011

It's been a long week here. We all have the sniffles, and spring turned back to winter. Luckily, Monday was a truly exceptional mail day (I have to take some photos, so that will be another post.) I spent much of my spare time this week creating cards to fill an order from a local quilt shop.

Not too much mail outgoing, so I'm finally sharing the wonderful handmade cards that came to me through Postcrossing from the end of February into March. I love all Real Mail, but it is incredible when someone randomly selected takes the time to make a card just for you.

My letters-to-write pile is about to fall over, so this week I hope to answer some of the lovely mail I have received, in between baking cupcakes for two birthday girls and working out friends sleepovers and family celebrations!

P.S. Good news! My "Security Blanket" traveled safely to the Textile Mail Art Gallery!

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