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Friday, March 11, 2011

Outgoing Handmade Postcrossing Cards

Postcrossing to Netherlands 5 March 2001

Postcrossing to China 28 January 2011
(My first mail art to China; I hope it arrives.)

Postcrossing to Ukraine 8 March 2011

Postcrossing to Germany 8 March 2011

A selection of my handmade postcards sent through Postcrossing. Several of my recipients lately have stated no handmade, so I honor those requests with something from my box of store-bought cards, all tastefully artistic of course. Except for the vintage kitschy tourist cards of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, which are also fun to send to the right people!

I have had a great response to my handmade cards on Postcrossing. I always try to create a card to fit the interests listed. Sometimes I challenge myself to see how many interests I can collage on one card and still end up with a visually pleasing result.