playing with paper

Friday, June 14, 2013

Collage Lab 6: Organics

sand, rosemary, poppy seeds

feather, eggshell, raffia

Unit 2 Texture
Lab 6 Organics
15 May 2013

"Food for Thought" Notes:
  • I prefer larger items (feathers, raffia, eggshell.) Grains/sand too messy for my tastes; easier to use ready-made sandpaper for similar texture
  • Other ideas: flowers, leaves, tree bark, twigs, tiny pebbles 
  • Gesso helped hold things together, didn't take away too much texture
  • Substituting matte medium for gesso allows item's natural color through, could be distracting if intended strictly as background, may depend on color of organic item


  1. right now are you just using acrylic? I always wonder about sprays and how to make.

    1. These are all painted with acrylic craft paint, using either a soft bristle brush or sponge brush. You can water down down gesso, acrylics, and inks to put them in a mister and apply as a spray. Don't expect aerosol spray paint coverage, but more of speckled, spattered effect.