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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Art Mail Archive: Kerosene

26 July 2011 Punched paper and sticker collage postcard
25 August 2011 Vintage advertisement collage postcard
 "Goodbye Dandruff--my address is changing"
1 November 2011 Repurposed invitation collage postcard
 "Happy Halloween from Kerosene"
2 December 2011 Postally embellished "Art of Korea" postcard 
January 2012 Paper, sticker, and rubber stamp collage postcard
"Anti-material Worlds" 
April 2012 Machine and hand-stitched fabric postcard embellished with seed beads
"Little Sampler" 
April 2012 Pen and pencil zentangle postcard
"Ker-o-zen #1"

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