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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blue ATC Buddy Jam

C.Z., a new mail art friend, introduced me to ATC Buddy Jams, where two artists collaborate to create two identical artist trading cards and each keeps one finished card. I wanted to try my hand at ATCs for some time, but this was the nudge I needed to get started. (Sometimes getting started is the hardest part!)

C.Z. sent the above cards with the mason jar stamped in blue, and I filled them with blue bits from my overflowing workspace. I like that they are mirror images. I returned the card shown on the left to C.Z. and kept the one on the right (I had to fudge the plastic tag; I colored a white one with a blue Sharpie.) I was pleased with the results and so was C.Z. We're working on another set.

Many thanks to new friends for new ideas and inspiration!

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