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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Postcrossing: Finland, Russia, Netherlands

From Finland via Postcrossing 26 September 2011
A first day of issue mailbox card and stamp? Yes, it's true postal love!

From Russia via Postcrossing 28 September 2011
My middle daughter is enamored with Matryoshka dolls.

From Netherlands via Postcrossing 29 September 2011
I hope this is not an official card, as there is no ID number and only a scribble of a name, but I will try to register it, just in case.
(It was an official card, and thanks to the Postcrossing system, I was able to register it.)

Thank you to all who sent Real Mail this week!
And thank you to the USPS for delivering the world to my doorstep!
Send the Love!

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